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Thread: 8 Bits & Retro video Games to Theme Your SuperBetter

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    Lightbulb 8 Bits & Retro video Games to Theme Your SuperBetter

    Hey guys,
    Did you love old Super Mario Bros. as much as I did? I decided to use icons from old video games to theme my Superbetter, even giving myself an 8 bit avatar. I'm 'new' user, but I've used SuperBetter in the past and like creating personal quests, bad guys, power-ups, etc. You can even search '8 bit power-ups' for fun graphics. I also love the 8 Bits of Awesome Facebook stickers because they make my quests, challenges, etc. feel even more like a game. I still have to add more 8-bit stuff, but for starting out; I think it will help. I do better when I believe it to be a game, and not a way to help myself. Here's some pics of what I mean by 'theme-ing' my superbetter. Badguys.jpgpower-up.jpgQuests.jpg

    I hope this was useful for someone, there's all kinds of fun pixel art out there!

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    Love it, great idea! For me, the pictures really help me connect to the quests, power ups, and future boosts

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    Videogames are always a great source of inspiration. I also love videogames, specially retro ones. However my theming is more Castlevania focused and not necessarily 8-bits. I've found inspiration in Magic The Gathering cards too (I'm not a player of this game but I find the art awesome).

    I don't have much yet but this is a little example of how my setup starts to have some life.

    HTML Code:
       .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.
     //   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   \\
    ((   <The One who shows the Manifestation of Change>   ))
     \\   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   //
      \\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\_//-\\ //
       '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'

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