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Thread: Is anyone using SB to battle Bad Guys that are actual external oppressions?

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    Before I did my work, gratitude was someone else's stick to beat me with -- because I've always had food in my mouth, etc. And somehow the idea that i should be grateful for that when I was hurting all the time (from PTSD and abuse) was just another way for people to tell me I was "wrong" or "off."

    Since I've "healed," gratitude is something I do feel, for my husband who has stuck with me 30+ years and gave me the resources to do the work, to my long-term therapist who was so good, for the beautiful place I live, etc.

    I try and express my gratitude for anyone who does their job well: I make a point to thank them. "Thank you," is a wonderful phrase. Because I did retail for many years, I make a point of telling managers when a retailer treats me well, of saying thank you explicitly to the person waiting on me, of giving a larger tip when I can afford it, to the waitress, etc. First responders I hadn't considered, but our day-to-day lives are full of other people, many of whom wait on us at restaurants, stores, the town clerk, etc.

    I'm not sure how to express gratitude to the first responders, I'll think about it!

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    Thanks for your response - I am working on PTSD too, I know exactly what you mean about gratitude. I still pretty flatly refuse to be grateful for the things that happened to me. I did say thanks to the officers at the scene, I was also very triggered, shaking and crying. Another frustration that I have about PTSD is that it really limits my abilities to help others. I am new to SuperBetter and excited about the potential that it has to move my thinking out of serious, fearful ruts and allow for fresh, fun perspectives. How can we game gratitude? There may not be answers and that is ok:0)

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    Day off today - lots of time to ponder. I think it might be heroism that I am interested in more than gratitude. Where does the private heroism of the patient meet the public heroism of the Doctor? Is there common ground? Would it do any good to point giant arrows at that common ground? Gratitude still rocks, though. Thank you all of my Superfriends, for reading.

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    Hi all,

    I thought this topic could use some re-polishing. So I started a group, it's called 'SuperBetterWorld - The Big Picture'; if you're interested, please join! Let's start small, learn from each other and make the world a beautiful place - one step and one interaction at a time.

    Thank you for reading and may you find kindness lighting up your day

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