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Thread: Tips for Being a Good Ally

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    It was very helpful. Yesterday I sent an Ingenuity and Creativity award because my hero had made a very unusual power up. I just got stuck on the symbols and wondered if they had a specific meaning. I guess they can be whatever you want. You're an angel for responding, thanks!

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    Ah, the symbols. For a long time I couldn't see what they were, so I'd just pick a mystery square and hope it fit! I really wish red were one of the available colors, too (chartreuse and lavender hearts = ick). And if you can figure out for sure what the unicorn horn/ladder/road disappearing into the distance thing is, please let me know!

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    What is the technical process of becoming someone's ally on-line (or asking for on-line allies of which I have yet to get but am inspired by this thread, uhmm, hint...) Any-who, do you send them a private message and then exchange e-mails to invite them that way? Sorry for the silly basic-ness of this question but I don't know the answer and don't know where to look for info. Also, about this wiki...where do I find that. Thank you!!!!

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    Hey B4rbara!
    Adding an ally is more complicated than you might expect, if you intend to be mutual allies. The explanation can be found here, in the fan-made FAQ:

    This is not to be confused with the wiki, which can be found here:

    I am sure any and all contributions to the wiki will be welcome, so if, on your journey to being SuperBetter, you come up with something worth sharing, please do so!

    Good luck getting SuperBetter!


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