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Thread: My SuperBetter Tree

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    Thanks for digging this one up! It's a great idea, and one worth keeping at the forefront.

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    You are right, this is a great way to organize thing and a great image, too.
    "People say motivation doesn't last. Of course not, neither does bathing, that's why we do it every day." Zig Ziglar

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    I love your tree!! I just printed it for me! :-)

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    I filled in the tree and I realized how far I still have to go and that I am really at the beginning at my journey as at the moment I am still in the middle of the trunk - which means achieving general goals which are absolutely necessary to achieve anything else. That quite humbled me concerning my present state. But that's good as I tend to dream too big. So thanks again for your tree!

    By the way, I am making good progress. So it's OK to be on the beginning of my journey :-)

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    Brilliant Idea. I'm going to build mine in MindMeister. Thanks for the inspiration!

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