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Thread: We’re Awesome Just the Way We Are

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    We’re Awesome Just the Way We Are

    "We’re Awesome Just the Way We Are" is the theme of the quest "Throw a Being Awesome Party"

    I what way are you awesome?

    I am awesome because I have lots of experiences, a lot of them were painful, which resulted in understanding and compassion.

    Most of all I am awesome because 'I am'!

    Express your awesomeness too!

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    I am awesome because I can easily share whatever joy I'm feeling. It just flows through me like sunlight through a window. (All I have to do is replenish my joy.)

    I am awesome because I am a loyal friend. I'll fight dragons for those I love, and I love generously.

    And I am awesome because I have a curious, quick mind and an insatiable hunger for knowledge and experiences.

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    I am awesome because I see the awesomeness of others...even when they can't see it themselves.

    I am awesome because my sense of humor remains intact, regardless of what's happening.

    I am awesome because I am fair, even when my ego has suffered a blow.

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    I have a suggestion to make SuperBetter even better. My mental resilience points are much higher than the rest because of the quests, even the ones which don't primarily raise mental resilience. This is a problem for me I feel like my physical resilience will always "lose" if I use quests to build it. And I don't want to click to say I've done anything that primarily raises mental resilience! That may actually make me want to work on mental resilience less in real life, which is not healthy.

    My suggestion is to allow us to decide how we allocate resilience points for our quests after we've reached a certain level. If you agree, please vote for this idea in SuperBetter Feedback!

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