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Thread: Help! With setting up Quests

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    I have a few things I do for pacing myself and keeping myself motivated for very long-term quests.

    One I call "looking at my feet." It is thinking of whatever I'm doing as looking down at my feet ans sliding my foot in some direction or the other, then moving the other foot so that I'm standing feet together again in the new position. Many people call this a "baby step." I find the term insulting, both because it ignores the difficulty of any movement at all sometimes AND the fact that I'm an adult: small steps have always made up the steps for getting something done.

    You didn't learn how to read or drive a car in one fell swoop! Expecting yourself to change emotionally or your habits in one step is unrealistic and unreasonable. Why would I give myself time/grace to learn to do things like drive a car, read, learn a job, a foreign language but not do the same when I'm trying to change who I am? Chaning who I am usually means fighting myself -- much harder than just learning a bunch of new words or movements.

    The second is celebrating my movement -- NOT the distance to the goal,but the distance from where I started. For a long time, I thought I had to be perfect to be merely adequeate. The distance between where I was and wanted to be just gave me more reasons to beat myself up. But when I look at where I was? Wow. I've done a lot and it was hard!

    The third piece of this is dealing with failures. You'll have them. We all do. A failure isn't because you're "wrong." It's because you're learning and learning includes learning what doesn't work. When you "fail," you're really succeeding, because you're learning what doesn't work -- and that's just as valuable as doing what does!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Valiant View Post
    Hey Darley, I've created a set of quests, powerups and bad guys. For pictures, I just google search for pics with the corresponding key word and edit them with Photoshop to have a size of 258 x 301 pixels (not sure if that was the maximum, but I found out it works). I made a folder on my desktop to collect pictures I use for quests et cetera, and upload them from there when I create something.
    Avoidance is a difficult topic, I'm not sure where you best start, because when I created my quests I already knew quite well what to work on. Is it avoidance based on depression or is it anxiety which keeps you from doing stuff? Or both? I just made a list of things that add to my daily structure - like having a proper breakfast and taking time for it; and also things which make me feel better physically, emotionally, that prepare me mentally to something or social things like workout, having a glass of wine and listening to music I love, calling a friend et cetera. Then I chose whether to make a quest out of it or a power-up. The difference confused me as well at start; and still, I could substitute a quests for a power-up, but it doesn't matter much to me, since both things are a step towards getting Superbetter. I'm sure there was some description and explanation about the difference, but I checked and didn't find it. Maybe it was the video clip. They don't have to be interlinked, but usually you can add a power-up with which you can be prepared to beat a Bad Guy. Speaking of which, the bad guys are the things that trouble me most; I wrote that down as well, for example not sleeping well and then I imagined what kind of Bad Guy could be that incarnation. If you want, send me a PM and I can give you some inspiration maybe. What is also important: Have fun creating your own set, don't see it as a mandatory task! I had a lot of fun doing this.
    Hi Matt: I need a quest to win against my bad guys: my landlord's who are trying to evict me after 12 years. I am disabled and 65 but I am smart and am having allies arise in a lot of places but I would like to make this a quest, to defeat my slumlords, totally. Ideas? How to link? Many thanks, Ellen the Courageous

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    Can I use your Fear it/Face it icon?
    I like the idea of using icons and creating my own.
    Do you have tips for me in using them?
    Or do you have a stock of them? My challenge is beating anxiety, because is paralizes me. That way I destroy good chances that come my way.

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    Does anybody know if it is possible to create your own tracker quest?

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    Hi, BlueEnergyGirl,

    I am not sure exactly what you want to achieve. Tracking is not my thing, but I did notice that when a Quest is completed, the date is recorded at the bottom of the Quest window (i.e., the place you go when you click on that Quest from your Quest list to see the individual Quest details). If you want to track a specific Quest, that date information is available there at the bottom of tne Quest window, as long as you mark the Quest complete only when you actually complete it.

    You could create a Quest to track the Quests you have completed this week by recording them, say, every Saturday. I would want it as a chart. You could get that data by clicking each of your Quests to open each of the individual Quest windows. It would be nice if that chart were already completed in SB (and maybe it is, since SB collects that data, but if so, I do not know where to find it.) If not, that is a good suggestion for a SB improvement.

    The chart you keep could be in Excel or in a notebook or wherever you like. I do not think you could make such a chart in SB. You could make notes in your Secret Lab, but that seems unwieldy. I make tracking charts of many things. For instance, I have a sleep chart for the week where I can record the hours I sleep each night and the time I get in bed and get up. I do this on paper, not in SB. Your chart could be of tne dates you complete your quests.

    If you want to track your SB well-being or resiliance, that is done in your Secret Lab under trackers and insight. This is only as good as the data you feed into it. The resiliance data comes from the choices you make about whether a Quest impacts most your physical, mental, emotional, or social well-being, and in addition SB provides extra points for certain of those categories. (Many things affect me on most of these levels, so this is often hard for me to determine.) The well-being data comes from the completion of the well-being trackers. To be honest, I never use the trackers, since this confuses me, but you might like it.

    Hope that is of some help, and maybe some others have more knowledge of this they can share.

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