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Thread: Hitchhiker's Guide to the SuperBetter Community - Rules & Code of Conduct

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    Hitchhiker's Guide to the SuperBetter Community - Rules & Code of Conduct

    Welcome to the SuperBetter Community! SuperBetter is dedicated to creating a positive environment where members can feel safe and supported sharing their SuperBetter adventure with others. Here are the community rules we live by - by participating in this community, you agree to abide by these rules.

    SuperBetter Official Community Rules & Code of Conduct

    By following the “Code of Conduct,” you help to ensure that the SuperBetter Community remains a safe and positive environment for everyone. Violating these rules may result in your removal from both the community and the SuperBetter game.

    The following Rules apply to “public” threads, private messages, and any other form of communication within SuperBetter community.

    If you are found violating any of these rules, you will be warned by an administrator or moderator. Repeat offenses will lead to temporary or permanent banning at the admin’s discretion. If banned, all of your previous posts may also be removed from the community.

    1. Be respectful.
    Regardless of whether or not you agree with someone, it’s important to stay courteous and respectful. Debate is welcome; personal attacks are not.

    Here are a few behaviors that will not be tolerated in the SuperBetter community:
    - Flaming: personally mocking, berating or insulting another user or their ideas.
    - Trolling: derogatory, argumentative, or inflammatory posting to bait other users into responding. (Remember: calling someone a troll is a form of trolling)
    - Personal attacks: posts which insult a poster directly. This includes attacks against moderators or members of the SuperBetter team.

    These are just a few examples. ANY behavior which is patently offensive (as determined by the SuperBetter team) is forbidden.

    2. Be welcoming to new posters.
    New members should feel welcome to ask any question, even if it has already been asked 100 times! Remember, you were new once, too. Please welcome new players and help them find the information they're looking for.

    3. Be smart about personal information.
    Please respect other players’ privacy. Posting ANYONE’S personal information (names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.) is forbidden. This applies to both your own information and other users’, the SuperBetter team, family members, etc.

    4. Be respectful of moderator and administrative actions.
    If you do not agree with a board decision, send a private message to an admin. You may NOT start a thread or post complaining about post removal, warnings, suspensions, or banning (on behalf of yourself or another player). Questions or comments concerning warnings, suspensions, or banning should be conveyed through email or private messages.

    5. Be constructive.
    Below are examples of prohibited non-constructive posts:
    - Spam: posting the same topic or text or nonsensical posts that have no substance over and over again.
    - Bumping: posting on threads in order to keep them near the top of the forum list.
    - Cross posting: Posting the same topic or thread in more than one forum is considered cross posting.
    - Mocking: Posts that mock another players’ strategies, epic wins, secret identity or other ideas. Don’t be a spoilsport! Let others play the game however they see fit.
    - Quit Threads: Threads declaring you are quitting the game and or encouraging others to quit also.
    - Threats: Any posts that make threats or use other combative language.
    - Dominating: Posting multiple times in quick secession, or otherwise drowning out other voices in the forums.
    - Targeting: Threads that single out a player for ridicule or accusation.
    - Conspiracy Threads: claims or complaints about SuperBetter or any other organization or group acting in collusion or conspiratorial manner.

    6. Be yourself.
    NEVER impersonate another SuperBetter user, community manager, moderator, administrator or SuperBetter team member. You are prohibited from impersonating anyone else, including those named above, in the community or in game.

    7. Be on topic.
    This is a community for and about SuperBetter. We do allow non-disruptive off topic discussion in the Just For Fun forum. Any topics (such as politics or religion) that are likely to result in heated, non-productive debate are discouraged and can be removed at our discretion. Please contact a moderator or administrator if you have questions about a topic being permitted on the forums.

    8. No advertisements.
    Advertising or solicitation of any kind on these forums is strictly prohibited.

    9. No profanity.
    Profanity in any form is prohibited. This includes using any means to bypass the profanity filter (for example: partial masking, such as asterisks or punctuation marks or intentional misspelling.)

    10. No proxy posting or account hopping.
    Posting on behalf of a suspended user, or creating a new account to complain about your own suspension, is not allowed. You are personally responsible for your actions in the community. If you create a new account to continue posting after your account has been suspended, any accounts involved can be permanently banned. Suspensions apply to the person, not the specific account. Threads designed to announce, appeal or contest a suspension decision on behalf of someone else will be removed without notice. If you do not understand why you were suspended or have further questions, you must contact community support at community [at] superbetter [dot] com.

    11. No ALL CAPS.
    On the Internet, words typed in all capital letters signifies shouting. No one likes being shouted at, so posts in all (or nearly all) capital letters will be removed.

    12. No illegal or hateful activity.
    Immediate banning from the community can result from any of the following: the posting of pornography; remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; or vulgar which discuss or illustrate illegal activity; provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.

    13. Respect Copyright
    We will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property rights infringement as required by law.

    14. User Suspension, Content Removal and Account Deletion
    The SuperBetter team determines (at its sole discretion) what constitutes a breach of the Rules of Conduct and may take any action it deems appropriate.

    The SuperBetter community is privately managed and all message board content is allowed at the discretion of SuperBetter, which reserves the right to remove any content without notice and for any reason.

    Your use of the community depends upon your compliance with the Rules & Code of Conduct and the SuperBetter Terms of Service. Failure to comply with these rules constitutes a material breach of those Terms and may result in SuperBetter taking any or all of the following actions:
    - Remove any material or postings you made to the community
    - Issue a warning
    - Suspend or ban your SuperBetter account and/or your use of the community
    - Disclose such information to law enforcement authorities as the SuperBetter team feels is reasonably necessary; and/or
    Pursue legal action against you.

    SuperBetter is not liable for:
    - any action taken in response to breaches of this Code of Conduct. The responses described in the Code of Conduct are not exhaustive, and SuperBetter may take any other action, at its sole discretion, it deems appropriate
    - any loss or damage arising from the use of the community by you;
    - any content posted or uploaded by users of the community which shall include, without limitation, any liability for offensive and/or defamatory posts.

    15. Changes to the Rules of Conduct
    The SuperBetter team may revise this Code of Conduct at any time by making changes to this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes SuperBetter makes, as they are legally binding on you. Some of the provisions contained in this Code of Conduct may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the SuperBetter community, site, or game.

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    slightly confused: Don't post your personal name, but in your profile it has a spot for your name. (Ok. I am over-thinking this. You have a forum engine that you are using and it happens to let you put your name which is not wise AFAIK. No problem. )

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    No I am using the name Odysseus a character from the Odyssey.

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    Love the title, thanks for the rules.

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    Okie dokie

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