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Thread: How many allies are manageable for you?

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    How many allies are manageable for you?

    Dear SB users,

    I have been playing since June 2012 and allies have come and gone. I find myself wondering: how many (active) allies do other players have? I can guess by looking at my allies' pages... but hey, there is the forum as well, hence my post.

    I am just curious how many allies are optimal - or does that differ very much from person to person? It probably also depends on how active your allies are.

    How many do you have? And is your ally list as cluttered as mine with people who quit or (sadly) disappeared?

    I have thirteen allies listed; two of which are real life friends who never got the hang of SB; five of them quit or disappeared; one finished his epic win and was finished with the game (I am still so proud of him!); and the other five are active.

    When I invited new allies a while back, the influx was a bit overwhelming (and stimulating too). I felt it was hard to keep up and I was worried that I was not contributing enough to my allies' journeys. But now things have settled at a quieter pace and I find that easier to handle. I think I have enough on my plate with my own game and these five lovely people.

    Just curious to hear how other people are using the ally part of the game!

    Best regards,


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    Compared to the different number of names I see commenting on allies’ walls, I have a crazy high number of allies. I have 21 in my drop down list. But that breaks down as:

    6 that have been dead for ages
    9 that are active (for varying levels of activity, but posting enough stuff that I can interact with them regularly)
    4 that are guttering and look likely to be dropping Super Better soon
    2 that don't do much at all in Super Better but we email/chat regularly (one of them was the RL mate who introduced me to SB, so maybe he shouldn't count? But he's moved on to China now).

    I've also had 3 allies leave but then come back (one of which I tried deleting to make my drop down list more manageable but it only made it so he couldn't see my activity feed when he came back, and I had to reinvite him).

    For the ones that still play in some way, there's a few knots where a couple of us have allies-in-common. These pockets tend to be the most active of all, and conversations will range back and forth over allies walls with us referencing stuff that other people don't completely get because they can't see it - but they still throw their two cents in the conversation.
    People's ability to be active waxes and wanes with what's going on in real life... hopefully due to good things getting in the way, but occasionally it's due to getting stomped on by bad guys. I'll try my best via comments, awards, posts and emails to encourage and elicit responses, but there's only so much you can do. Some allies are active only on their walls and that is fine with me too, as I'm happy to have in-depth conversation (or random silliness) in their place or mine. I draw inspiration from what they're doing, the pictures/movies they share and the conversations we have.

    Often I've had around five to seven allies that are active, and I feel that for me, that's a good number. I added a couple more recently as I'm trying to have a more concerted push for me being productive and focused, so figured having more people yell at me would be a good thing, especially since a couple of allies are going through busy periods of their own at the moment. Two of my active allies appear to only have me as their only regularly playing ally, two seem to only have two allies (myself and another (and one of them I share with you Lilac )) and seem happy with that. With those that have dropped off (or seem to be on the way out), they've generally had a smaller number of allies who aren't very active on that person's wall. But jumping around from ally feed to ally feed is not for everyone, I know. For me, I find reading and commenting on my allies walls invigorating, but I know some feel drained when they swing by their allies, especially if they have ones like me that are only fighting minor difficulties and have many clicks that seem productive.

    I've also got allies fighting a range of different things - some I completely identify with as I'm similar either in tastes, goals, problems or situation in life. I've also got/had a bunch where about the only thing we've had in common is we're both people. Happily I've not had a bad ally yet. I've felt humbled reading about some of the problems they're going through, and how wonderful they remain in the face of all their issues. I've felt spikes of envy and jealousy (but in a good way - like happiness and joy, but with a touch of covetousness) for some of their achievements. They've given me excellent advice, fantastic resources to help in my battles, and listened to my whingeing. In short, I love youse guys... and that includes all y'all on the forums (even spambots - I forgive you as I perma-ban you). I don't write as often as I should, but I read just about every post and skim the groups I'm not a part of periodically, so I think of everyone who plays as my extended family of allies.

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    Thank you, Snellopy, for your long reply!

    Yes, it would seem that long-time SB users eventually start clustering around the same allies. I recently introduced two of my allies to one another and they are now mutual allies, too - and so the social web becomes ever more intricate and strong. It felt wonderful to be able to bring two people together who have helped me so they can help each other. I could just feel my social resilience grow!

    I can relate to much of what you are saying - for example how envigorating it can be to have fresh allies on your activity wall, and how people's activity level waxes and wanes with how busy their lives are (which is fine, I do the same).
    I was very hesitant at first to venture out and find allies on the forum. i think I was playing for three months or so before I even joined the forum. But I could never have guessed that I would start to feel so close to my allies - people that I have never met in real life, of whom I don't even know what they look like - and really care about them, about their dreams and their struggles, and feel happy and proud when they do well. And yes, there can be a touch of covetousness in there too, especially when I am not doing too well for myself.

    On the whole, the ally experience has been far more personal, invigorating and valuable than I had ever guessed when I started. I love my allies! and I totally agree - we are a family of sorts. The good kind.

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    I cannot manage them at all.

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    Hi Lucille!

    How many alllies do you have?

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