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Thread: Top Heroes

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    There is only one Captain.


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    Hello lovelies, from the depths of the friendly shadows.

    My name is Midnite Magnolia. In the real world people know me as Maggie. I'm not what you would consider a "good guy", but I'm not a "bad guy" either. I consider myself more of a vigilante...justice is my calling. I do what I can to make things right in this crazy world. I'm quiet, but I'm always watching. Watching how people interact with each other, watching and learning people's mannerisms and personalities. I'm always observing the world around me.

    I don't say much, but when I do people tend to listen. I do not use weapons, but rather wit and word. I tend to be a lone wolf, not because I want to be...but because it's easier to not get hurt that way. I've spent way too much time trusting in people and having it backfire in my face. Most days I feel like I'm living in the shadows of the world...but every now and then, I find a sunny day and I breathe the sweet air and wish it would never end.
    I am the darkness

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    I think one of the character I love the most is Dana Scully from X-Files.

    She's awesome, she's strong, she's independant, she's professional, she has humour yet, and she's not as cold hearted as it seems. She's just reserved and focused on work. And there's not some sad explanation of why she's like that (i mean, when a female character is presented as strong, focused on her job and reserved, there's always an explanation that basically say she has been traumatized in her past, as if a woman couldn't be strong for no specific reason. If a woman doesn't want to be a mother, there MUST be have been so traumatized she'd lost her mind, right?).

    She's a great scientist and great FBI agent, this is never questionned.
    Plus she's never sexualized, which is kinda notwothy in TV shows nowadays. And her wardrobe is awesome.

    Plus even if there's some ambiguities in her relationship with mulder, she's not the love interest (or if she was, then mulder is too). They are both really equals, and the love story is just additional.

    In the end I think it's one of the best couple on TV, amongst Partnership couples and romance couple. They always watch for each other's back (but actually she's the one who is more likely to use her gun), they spend a lot of time together (actually they are both quite lonely), even if they are different they have a lot of things in common, and they really try to understand each others. If they were two guys or two dudes their relationship would be as much awesome as it is now (or back in the 90s I mean). That's why the chemistry between them is incredible.

    AND (if I remember correctly) Mulder NEVER makes even one lousy joke about her being a female or something during the 10 seasons. It's really not the topic of the show. Nowadays it feels as if it was such an "incredible event" that a A WOMAN (OMG) behaves like this, that the scriptwriters can help but put it into the light heavily.

    So it's such a pleasure to watch this show.

    As a conclusion (lol, sorry for fangirling them so much), I guess Scully or mulder could be someone's secret Identity (and they would be each other's ally).
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    Ooooh yeah, Scully was so much of a role model for me way back when - I even had my hair cut the same way.

    Ok, now you've made me want to watch all the x-files episodes again. Except the fluke man thing, I could have done without that. Thank you for bringing up happy memories!

    All the best,


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