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Thread: Hellooo! PhD student here battling dissertation monsters. Need ruthless allies.

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    Cool Hellooo! PhD student here battling dissertation monsters. Need ruthless allies.

    Hello all!
    My name is Bailey and I'm a 5th year PhD student desperately trying to finish up my dissertation writing. I'm battling anxiety, perfectionism, and impostor syndrome but I really need to finish up this research project and get on with bigger better things. I'd really like to make the writing process to feel less like torture and more like a fun challenge... also, I'm an American attending a Canadian University and paying international tuition this can't go on forever! I'm a complete noob to SuperBetter and am in need of allies.

    About me:
    -I'm an artist that uses painting as therapy to recharge and rejuvenate
    -I love chatting about books and sharing resources for wellness
    -I really enjoy my research subject (archaeology/anthropology), but HATE the process of academic writing
    -I like collaborating on stuff

    I'm still learning how this game works, but let me know if you'd like to be my ally!

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    Hi! No dissertation for me! I found a Masters Degree that didn't take one! Museum Studies in particular. I love history and archaeology. But I do find myself having a hard time writing (Fiction and/or fanfiction, or poetry). Not academic stuff but still writing. I don't have anxiety but I have a nearly vanquished Depression. It reminds me it's still around now and then when something really not fun happens. I've made some power-ups and quests for writing.

    I'm still fairly new to SuperBetter as well. I really wanted to try it out to see if it could help my daughter. Now I'm playing and she's blowing it off. Well, and there's also the problem that she's grounded and so doesn't get wifi on her phone and doesn't have a working SIM....

    Anyway, maybe we could be allies?


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    Ainaechoiriel - Awesome. Would love to have you as my ally! Not really sure what allies do, but we can figure it out together! I'll PM you.

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    Hello, Bailey,

    If you are still looking for Allies, please check out my post under "I Need Allies" in the thread "Seeking FUTURE Allies."

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