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Thread: Write to your future-you!

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    Write to your future-you!

    It's not a common future boost, but something similar that I started to love! On you can send an e-mail to yourself in the future. It's for free and you can make it public or private. I love this service since I found it! You can set what ever date you want and tell yourself how you felt at this point in you life and how you picture your future to be by the time the e-mail will arrive. For me, that's inspiring!

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    Sambeebee, did you already receive any of your own mails? What was it like to receive it?

    I've done this once in a course on management I was following, I had to write myself an actual paper card and it was sent to me 3 months after. It was a reminder of the intentions I'd set in the course. During the course I already did not really believe in it, and so it didn't work out (self-fulfilling prophecy...). It was still kind of disappointing though.

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