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I did a good job the last couple of days. Here are the Good things I have done:
1. Petted cats.
2. Ordered soup instead of not eating because I had a sore throat.
3. Decided I was too cold-y to go out but asked to have my therapy appointment by phone instead.
4. Worked through some important things in therapy, connected with my therapist and felt more hopeful afterwards.
5. Went to choir rehearsal.
6. Told my choir director (on whom I have a Giant Crush and therefore do not speak to her ever) how much I appreciate her and was rewarded with a hug.
7. Hugged my fiance.
8. Made myself hot chocolate and cheerios with banana when I couldn't sleep, bringing my calorie count for yesterday up to around 1200.
9. Took a while to get out of bed, but when I got up, took the sheets off in preparation for changing them before I go to sleep.
10. Went to the shop and said hello to an old student who was charmingly pleased to see me.
11. Realised I hadn't eaten and got myself an apple and peanut butter.
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  1. Judi's Avatar
    Good for you!