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  1. Progress!

    I did a good job the last couple of days. Here are the Good things I have done:
    1. Petted cats.
    2. Ordered soup instead of not eating because I had a sore throat.
    3. Decided I was too cold-y to go out but asked to have my therapy appointment by phone instead.
    4. Worked through some important things in therapy, connected with my therapist and felt more hopeful afterwards.
    5. Went to choir rehearsal.
    6. Told my choir director (on whom I have a Giant Crush ...
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa


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  3. How using SuperBetter (and actions related) influence my life

    A couple of days ago I wrote to all my friends about Power-Up suggestions. In that mail I briefly explained that I am playing a game called superbetter to become superbetter and to strengthen my resilience against stress. For those friends who I know through therapy I added that that's my new therapy - I was in psychotherapy for 14 years until two years ago. That comment kind of worked in me and made me realize that I am not missing therapy but a place and time when it's about how I feel. So I pondered ...
  4. My Journey with SB

    Hi you all,

    of course my journey started before I ever heard about SB. I come from nearly 20 years of reoccurring severe depressions and full grown PTSD. One and a half years ago I went into a psychoses and subsequently my medication was changed. First I had to recover from the psychoses, then from the severe depression that followed. But since I recovered from that I am doing better than ever before in my life! For the first time I am really able to work - and that's what I do, ...
  5. Appreciation for Jane McGonical

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    In appreciation of all the work Jane McGonical has put into SuperBetter I created a Blog post.

    I am hoping that the post will get the word out more and people will find this great 'game'.

    Here is the link to the post: Appreciation for Jane McGonigal creator of SuperBetter

    Feel free to share the post with your friends or on Social Media
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